Beautiful boudoir photos are for EVERY woman!

Beautiful boudoir photos are for EVERY woman, and my studio welcomes all ladies with open arms. You don’t need to be a certain size, or a particular shape, or be a specific height, or be a precise age. And you certainly don’t have to live in a specific color of skin to have a beautiful boudoir photo session at my studio.

Many weeks ago, I was disgusted by the polarization of blacks vs whites in the media in response to Charlottesville and the death that happened at the protest rallies being held there. Racism is an ugly, evil thing. But I don’t see that sort of “us vs them” or “black vs white” in my community of Pickerington, Ohio. I feel like the greater Columbus Ohio area is a great blend of black and white and other minorities who all work and live together in harmony. When I see my neighbors at the grocery store, I don’t notice what color that their skin is.   I sincerely notice their beauty, I notice their children, I notice their smile. I see them working hard to manage life, be good parents, and enjoy this crazy life we are all given. To me, we are all the same. We all have struggles. We all have hopes and dreams. We all deserve to feel wanted and loved. Each person in my community is unique and beautiful and important. And EVERY single one of the amazing women that I pass by in my community deserves to see how gorgeous that she is. She may not see herself that way; but I KNOW that she is a stunning creature.

So, in the midst of the devastation in Texas last week in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, it has been wonderful to see all of the love being poured out. All races are helping each other, and I haven’t seen any racism in the news. I truly believe that most of us sincerely love and appreciate those around us. I found myself weeping as I saw the stories unfolding on national television. I love my neighbors and I am deeply grateful for all of those around me.

And I am grateful that this stunning mom allowed me to post her beautiful boudoir photos. I cannot share images with you unless the client gives me permission to share, so I was thrilled to be able to share this bombshell mama! I get asked a lot about make up for different skins tones; and my make up artists are skilled at make up application for all skin types and races.   So if you are Asian, or Indian, or African, or European decent or anything else…you are gorgeous to me and I would love to have the honor of capturing your beauty. I thrive on watching ladies see themselves as the goddesses that they are. Allow me to create beautiful boudoir photos for you – you won’t be disappointed!Beautiful boudoir photo, Black woman in lingerie, Sexy picture, Boudoir PhotographyBlack and White Silo, Beautiful boudoir photo, Black woman in lingerie, Sexy picture, Boudoir Photography Black woman in lingerie, Beautiful Black woman, Boudoir photography Close up of black woman in lingerie, Pretty boudoir photography Booty shot, Boudoir tushie photo, sexy picture Sexy photo of black womanSexy black and white image, boudoir photo Beautiful boudoir photography of black woman in lingerie Beautiful boudoir photography of black woman in lingerie Beautiful boudoir photography of black woman in lingerie beautiful boudoir photo, black and white booty shot, woman in undies beautiful boudoir photos, alluring woman, sexy picture of black woman beautiful boudoir photo, sexy picture, booty shot black booty, beautiful boudoir photos beautiful boudoir photo, black woman reclining on floor beautiful black woman sitting on floor Gorgeous black woman leaning against wall Sexy lingerie photo Woman laughing on bed, boudoir photo Flirty woman on bed Sexy boudoir picture Glamorous boudoir photo of black woman, confident black lady Pretty boudoir picture Sexy image of booty and legs and shoes Lady lying on bed, beautiful boudoir photos Alluring woman lying on bed Black and white close up boudoir photo Alluring woman in black body suit on bed in boudoir Sexy OSU boudoir picture Fun OSU boudoir picture Boudoir white sheets picture Happy lady in white sheets in bed Beautiful black woman in bed Sexy booty boudoir photo

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Feel like a supermodel in your very own boudoir sexy slide show!

One of the things that clients love the most at the studio is the boudoir sexy slide show.

Usually a boudoir photo session lasts over two hours, and I come away from a session with upwards of 300-500 gorgeous images. I do the very painful job of going through each and every shot, to pick out the cream of the crop which is usually 50-70 images. I give those selected photos a magazine style edit. That means that I polish up skin to get rid of blemishes, bruises, cellulite, stretch marks etc. Once I have the top boudoir pics edited, I take approximately one third or more and I make a black and white version of the ones that often shine even better as black and white(those are often images that work fantastic as wall art). Then all of the retouched images and the black and white duplicates are put together with a seductive song in a slide show format to add to that come-hither wow factor.

When clients come back in for their image premiere approximately two weeks after the boudoir photography session has taken place, the boudoir sexy slide show is the first thing that they see in high definition on the big screen tv at the studio. It leaves most gals with a giant smile, some of them crying and all of them delighted that they actually love photos of themselves. I love getting to show gals that they are indeed very beautiful.

The boudoir sexy slide show is a best seller at the studio because it has all of the images, moves fast, and includes music for added emotion. I know that significant others love it just as much as my clients do. I have future plans to add some moving pictures to the slide show as well, so stay tuned for that!

Many thanks to this radiant beauty for letting me share her boudoir sexy slide show!

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