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We believe you are beautiful

We are an all girls studio, ready to provide a day of pampering and a fun photo session to bring out the best in you. Specializing in glamorous and alluring boudoir portraiture, we want you to see that you truly are beautiful. We want you to see yourself just like all those girls on the magazines at the grocery check out! We love laughter, great music, all things sexy, and we celebrate all the stages of womanhood. We believe every woman deserves to join us for a day of pampering.

We truly believe our mission is to help other gals see themselves as beautiful as they truly are. Plus, we love putting together little surprises for the men who receive boudoir images from our clients. We love our job!

Our Studio

We have a great studio atmosphere, with lovely natural light and big studio windows. Our space is located on the second floor of a private building, set back from the road a bit. Our goal is to always provide our clients with a private and comfortable space so you can enjoy your experience with us worry-free!

Our studio is available Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm.

The studio caters to women only, and offers a completely private setting. Our location is clean, spacious, well decorated, and extremely safe. This relaxed setting has large windows flooding the studio with lovely natural light, which lends itself to stunning imagery.

The make-up room includes a growing wardrobe, jewelry, and a luxurious shoe collection that can be modeled during your session. A licensed and incredibly talented make-up artist will give you a beautiful hair and make-up transformation.

During your session, we can create several different looks for you. Your session can begin with a styled look in an elegant dress, then lingerie as you become more comfortable, and then as you gain confidence, implied nude images or white sheets shots can be created for your final look.

The studio has a comfy leather sofa and a large screen TV for you to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of seeing your images at your premiere viewing session.

Many samples of gorgeous wall art, stunning fine art albums complete with an assortment of luxury covers, and metallic prints are on display to peruse at the studio so that you can imagine yourself as fine art.

We are conveniently located on the main road (Hill Rd) in Pickerington on the 2nd floor of a lovely brick commercial building. Parking is free and ample, so you never need to stress about full parking garages or the inability to find an open meter on the street.

About Angela


I began my career in photography as a wedding photographer 10 years ago. I had the pleasure of documenting weddings for some of the most amazing clients and have relished in watching the love of these couples grow from engagement to their fabulous wedding day to maternity photos and newborn babies. And through it all one thing has always stood out to me…my striving to make the lady I was photographing look beautiful in front of my lens so that she could have gorgeous images that represented her unique and wonderful qualities. Disappointed with imploding timelines on wedding days that often left a bride without enough time for the bridal portraits that she would have liked, my heart often ached to give this beauty something more for her to cherish forever.

And then I found a new way to help women of all shapes, sizes, and ages feel like a celebrity, have a thrilling stress-free experience, AND have images that they could look back on for a lifetime and say, “That’s me!” with delight.

I opened up my women’s only studio in 2013, and have photographed over a thousand boudoir, glamour, and maternity sessions for Ohio women. I have invested countless hours in posing and retouching education; and taken many courses to advance the art of my craft. I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America and the International Association of Boudoir Photographers. God has given me the resources and ability to create classy and romantic art that re-enforces beauty in a woman, awakens confidence and excitement in a bride or wife, and kindles romance in a couple. I am deeply grateful for these gifts!

 want all women to realize that they look just like the women that they see plastered all over images from the grocery store check out magazine rack to the larger than life window ads at the mall. After my amazing make up artist pampers you, I will pose you and photograph you in a way that brings out the best you ever! After applying a light editing to the images (because no woman wants to stare at her cellulite or stretch marks) you will be amazed at the end result and will see yourself in a whole new light!

I will do my best to make sure that you are never left feeling uncomfortable or awkward during your time with us at the studio. My goal is to give you a luxurious experience and to coach you through each pose and look.

About Jenny

Make-up Artist

Hi, my name is Jenny! I’m married to my best friend and have three daughters. I’ve had a passion for makeup and hair for as long as I can remember. Although I am a strong believer that all women possess their own unique beauty without makeup; I’ve always loved the way that helping someone look their best can bring them joy and a sense of confidence. I love helping women see the beauty that already exists within them selves!

I went to the Ohio State School of Cosmetology and am currently licensed with Ohio. As far as work experience I have worked in commercial, print and video production as a hair and makeup artist. I have done work for local fashion shows, weddings, and more recently for NY fashion week . I worked as an esthetician for 4 years at Mukha Med Spa before branching out as a freelance MUA.

I love working with clients at the boudoir studio. It is such a joy to pamper and empower ladies, one gal at a time!

About you

You are hardworking, honest, positive, and friendly. You like sweets, pizza, coffee, and a nice meal that someone else cooked. You love the smell of vanilla candles and fresh baked cookies. You may have a chocolate addiction. You adore puppies and everyone else’s babies.

A night out with the girls is a wonderful reminder of the amazing ladies you cherish.

A clean house makes you feel proud (for a few days at least). The feeling of sand between your toes and the sound of ocean waves is blissful to you. You like the cosy feeling of a crackling fire. Snow is pretty to you, but you hate to drive in it.

You bask in a good hair day, and you have realized the existence of dry shampoo. You enjoy pulling out your childhood photographs and laughing at how everyone looked back then. Your bubble bath is your solemn retreat. You really, really like ice cream; but you try to avoid its temptation regularly. You are trying to eat better and find time for fitness. Keeping up with the Kardashians is not on your agenda; but you admit to enjoying TGIT and HGTV. When you are in your car alone and hear a great song, your inner rock star comes to life and you sound like you are auditioning for the Voice. You love the stars on a clear night sky.

You have a few things that you would like to be different about your body, but you are grateful for it and all that it does for you.

You like getting dressed up, but no one is ever taking away your yoga pants. You value good photos. You have learned how to forgive a wrong; and you are better for it. A small spider may turn you into a momentary crazy person. You hate Facebook drama. A spouse may have accused you of being a bra collector. Flip flop season is your favorite.

You struggle giving yourself permission to do things for yourself. You wonder if you are desirable. You cannot believe how time is flying by. You know that if you put things off, you will never do them. You love having your hair done. You consider a trip to Victoria Secret retail therapy.

We can’t wait to meet you and help create something very sexy and special just for you!
Our Mission

At Angela Woolridge Portrait, our mission is to value and draw out every woman’s unique beauty, by providing a full service experience that is glamorous, luxurious, fun, and secure. We want you to have an unforgettable experience and see yourself in new ways!

All of us have days when we don’t feel the best about ourselves. Our all female team understands this and we know that doing a boudoir photography session may be outside of your comfort zone. We are here to coach you through every single step from outfit selection to posing and expression. We know that you are special and unique, and that YOU deserve to feel breathtaking. Our goal is for you to know this truth yourself. Society and media have caused many women to be filled with self-doubt and low self-esteem. But we believe that every woman is beautiful. There is no such thing as “not photogenic”. Allow us to show you… you’ll be surprised!

One of the most powerful things about boudoir photography is that it helps women to make peace with their own unique beauty.

Our goal is to provide you with classy, seductive, feminine, artistic images and to preserve them for you with high quality wall art and visually stunning luxury albums that will last for more than a lifetime! Our greatest reward is to see your newly found confidence and sparkle, as you realize your inner goddess!

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Want your free dream session planner?


Want your free dream session planner?


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