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“This experience was unbelievable.”
I wanted to express how amazed I was with the experience I had with Angela. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful she is and her work speaks for itself. I never had boudoir pictures done before and was a little worried. I was not 100% happy with my body (what girl is?), but she made me feel beautiful and completely comfortable. I had Jenny do my makeup and she was outstanding. I ended up booking Jenny for my wedding makeup. So that brings me to the reason I got the pictures done in the first place. They are a wedding gift for my soon to be husband. I met Angela at a Bridal show and decided this is the perfect gift. Her studio is an all-girl studio, so that is very comforting. During the session I changed into 4 different outfits for variety. She posed me and helped me achieve the look I wanted. She had professional lighting and props to help complete the ambience. I enjoyed doing these pictures so much. I never felt weird or self-conscience during the shoot. She put my mind to ease and made sure that I was happy with the whole experience. I came back to view the pictures with my little sister (she is brutally honest). They were absolutely incredible, my sister and I both loved them. We picked out the album and a hard time deciding between the pictures. Doing these pictures and having this experience was unbelievable. It has changed the way I look at myself and I have these Stunning pictures to always remind me of how beautiful I actually am. If you were ever wondering about getting these pictures done, I highly recommend it. Not only do I recommend the pictures, but I recommend having them done by Angela. You will not be disappointed.

- Natalie G.

“Exceeded my expectations in every way!”

Angela is fantastic! Her boudoir photography skills are quite impressive. If you are rather shy, she’s a perfect match for you. If you’re looking for classy photos, also a perfect match. If you want something more risky, she’s your gal. If you’re looking for someone to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be, call her! I liked some of her photos online. I was also looking for some photos a bit different from what she has examples of. I took in some examples with complex lighting and angles hoping she could capture a few of those different styles. She was able to take nearly all of the shots! My photos turned out AMAZING!!! She exceeded my expectations in every way. As far as his opinion… he loved them! It’s been six months since my shoot and he still comments on them. He says he loves being able to look at sexy photos of me and imagine whatever it is that men imagine. All I know is, it’s me he thinks of and can’t get enough of! Unfortunately, I won’t release my pictures for you to understand what I mean about her work, but trust me on this, you’ll love her photos!

- Jennifer M.

“Even though I was hesitant to do the pictures, I am SO happy I did it!”

I had an amazing experience with Angela. I used Angela to take boudoir pictures for my husband for his wedding gift. I was initially nervous about the experience because I have always been self-conscious about myself especially when it comes to pictures. Angela did an amazing job at easing my fears as soon as I walked in the door. By the end of the session she made me feel so good about myself. I felt so sexy and empowered as a woman. I would recommend any girl to do a boudoir session, even if you don’t give the pictures to anyone. Every girl deserves to feel empowered and beautiful after everything social media and peer pressure puts on girls. My husband loved the pictures! My wedding photographer captured a picture of his face opening it on our wedding day and it was priceless. He had a grin on his face ear to ear. He was so surprised! Angela even provided me with an app on my phone that he could download and will now have these beautiful, sexy pictures of me at his fingertips anytime. Even though I was hesitant to do the pictures, I am SO happy I did it! Angela puts her heart and soul into these pictures and took so much time to get to know me and help me make my wedding gift amazing for my husband!

- Nikki W.

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“I’d never thought of myself as sexy. Boy did these photos change my mind!”

I had pictures done for my fiance to give to him on our wedding day. Angela did an amazing job, and although I was nervous at first, she put me at completely ease. Even though the pictures were a gift to my soon-to-be husband I was doing it just as much for myself because I’d never really thought of myself as sexy. Boy did these pictures change my mind! I was so impressed and excited that I gave him the gift early and the album was a huge hit! He’s already asked when I can do more!

- Brittany B.

“Angela has a talent for making you feel comfortable and beautiful.”

Boudoir photos are a perfect gift for your man for a wedding present or any occasion. I was very nervous for my session but Angela has a talent of making you feel comfortable and beautiful. My husband was totally shocked when he saw them and absolutely loved them. But I think I loved them more. They are literally the best pictures I have of myself. I plan to do another photo session that will be more for myself. If you are hesitating at all, just do it. One of the more affordable boudoir photography places and you don’t sacrifice quality. Can’t wait to do it again!

- Hannah S.

“Angela’s warm personality is infectious and she is so passionate about what she does.”

I couldn’t speak more highly of Angela and her work! She knows how to make even the most self conscious woman feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin, The makeup and hair artists was excellent and I am very picky. I was shocked at how good I looked when she was done and I looked in the mirror. The pictures were stunning and tasteful. Angela’s warm personality is infectious and she is so passionate about what she does and it shows in the end product of her work. I would recommend to anyone I know! Can’t imagine going somewhere else for a photo shoot like this!

- Amy H.

“I have gained more from my time with Angela than any diet or workout has ever given me.”

Any doubts you have about whether or not you could have a boudoir shoot or whether or not you should spend the money – get rid of them. You absolutely can and you definitely should!! My session with Angela was well worth every angst about the money and my body going into it. Not only did I have a one of a kind, beautiful album to give my husband – personally, I gained so much more than I ever expected! I am not a small woman, by any definition. I have struggled with body image for most of my life. Angela and her team of makeup and hair stylists were amazing! I was terrified going into my session, so nervous I had to have a pep talk before getting out of the car! After 30 min, I began to relax and feel comfortable. By the end of the session, I couldn’t believe how comfortable I had gotten. Angela is an amazing woman and a talented photographer. When I went in for my viewing session, I couldn’t believe the woman in those pictures was actually me! She captured the best of me in those pictures. I went in thinking I would be lucky if I liked even 1 picture enough to order something for my husband – and I ended up LOVING enough that I could have filled the largest album offered! (I didn’t, but I did end up buying more than is offered in the mid sized package.) Not only was I able to shock my husband with my album (which is hard to do after 15 years together) – but personally, I gained so much more. My session has given me so much confidence in myself. For the first time ever, I saw the woman my husband sees. I have gained more from my time with Angela than any diet or workout has ever given me. For that, I will always be grateful.

- Olivia V.

“Angela is amazing at what she does!”

Angela was such a joy to work with! She made me feel the most beautiful the day of my shoot. She helps women feel beautiful and confident and not for one second makes you doubt how sexy or glamorous you should feel. She is amazing at what she does and I would not have chosen anywhere else to do my shoot! Thank you for giving me pictures I can look back on with confidence for a lifetime!

- Chelsea B.


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