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Did you think that you have to be a certain age or size to do a sexy boudoir photo session? I may have been guilty of the same thoughts many years ago, when I first began to explore shooting this genre of photography. I had so many assumptions that were incorrect.

Years later, I can tell you that a sexy boudoir photo shoot is indeed for EVERY woman. It is for the wife and mother. It is for the secretary, nurse, and teacher. Intimate portraiture is for the gal who doesn’t even see her self as desirable or seductive. It’s for the woman today who is covered in baby spit up and running on little sleep, or the professional donning scrubs for a 12 hour rotation at the hospital.  A sexy boudoir photo shoot isn’t just for models or fitness gurus and gym rats. It doesn’t matter if she is a young 23 year old or a fabulous 61 year old lady with some experience in life and stories to tell(I love those inspiring stories by the way!). And it doesn’t matter if she is extremely fit or out of shape. It doesn’t matter if she is very tiny or a very curvy gal. It isn’t necessary to have cosmetic work done. Whether she has nursed 3 children and has “mom boobs” or has had to endure a mastectomy due to cancer; she is still a beautiful sexual being. Whether she has a round booty or a flat one, her likeness is awesome to behold. Stirring inside of every woman’s mind is the question: “Am I beautiful, am I attractive?” Of course the answer is a resounding: “Yes, you are gorgeous!” Doing a sexy boudoir photo session can show you that you are indeed beautiful. Over and over again, I hear my clients raving about the confidence and self esteem that they gained by having a boudoir session done. You can see their own words from Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews collectively posted on my testimonials page. And all of the ladies posted on my website are actual clients whose occupations have nothing to do with modeling – most of whom would tell you that they suffered from insecurities about their own bodies.

I can tell you for sure that a sexy boudoir photo session is for every single woman, and I am here to help as many ladies in Columbus Ohio and beyond to have a super model experience and see their own beauty through sexy boudoir photos.

Many thanks to the stunning Mrs. N for giving me permission to share some of her photos in lingerie. She is such a beauty, and her story is one that makes me beam with joy because she chose to take a hard road that few would choose – and her hard choices have led to great joy. I am inspired so much by my amazing clients.

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Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us! | Boudoir Photo Privacy

Do you have concerns about boudoir photo privacy when thinking about booking your own session?

If you are considering doing a boudoir photo session; you have likely wondered about the risks of these sexy pictures getting into the wrong hands or being posted on the internet without your knowledge or caonsent.

This concern is valid, and it’s important that you feel confident that your photographer will keep your photos completely private and never use them online unless you sign a model release giving them permission to do so.

No matter what enters your mind when you think of boudoir photos, the one thing that is consistent at Angela Woolridge Portrait is your privacy. Boudoir is for everyone, but having intimate photos on the internet is not! So no images are ever shared without my client’s written consent. All of the images posted on my website are real clients, not models. I have a signed consent from each woman to use her images online. I don’t publish any photos without the client’s signed consent. boudoir photo, curvy woman, plus size boudoir, black body suit sexy photo of plus size woman

At our studio, only about 30 percent of our clients sign a full face model release giving us the right to display their beautiful images on our website and social media. The remaining 70 percent chose to keep their photos private, and we deeply respect and honor each woman’s desire to maintain her privacy. We have plenty of gals who are excited and proud of their photos, who feel honored to be featured on our website. But other ladies may not be able to share their images due to their employment or other commitments. We appreciate the model releases that we receive, but no woman is ever pressured in any way to sign a release of any kind. It is ALWAYS the client’s choice and no matter what a client decides – that decision will always be respected.

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After the photography session clients come back into the studio for an in person viewing of the edited images, rather than choosing the photos from an online gallery. This eliminates any risks of online hackers attempting to get into online boudoir galleries.

Once clients have made an image purchase, photos are burned onto a physical compact flash drive and delivered to the client. This also eliminates the need for online galleries and downloads. All of these steps are taken to increase the privacy of boudoir photos that we capture for our wonderful clients.

Albums are ordered securely from a professional print lab that is highly regarded in the boudoir industry as safe and professional. Nothing is taken to Walmart or any other local printer. And album orders do not include client names for added security in transit. Packages are discreet with plain boxes for shipping.

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I do my utmost to protect the confidentiality of the professional images created at my studio.

You can rest easy knowing that I value the privacy of your boudoir photos and your trust in me.

A giant shout out to this vixen who has granted permission to share her gorgeous boudoir pics! I LOVED capturing her curves!! Whoever said size 16 wasn’t sexy needs to gander at this bodacious babe!

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So now you can relax knowing that your privacy will be honored, and you can begin to plan your supermodel experience with us. You deserve to be pampered and feel breathtaking! What are you waiting for?!

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