6 Reasons Why You Should Book A Boudoir Shoot

Are you nervous about booking a boudoir shoot? Many women are. In fact, a lot of my clients have been putting off booking their boudoir shoot for years, relying on a list of excuses for why now just isn’t the time. If you’ve been on the fence about booking a boudoir shoot, there are several reasons why now is the right time. Book your boudoir shoot today so that you can discover all of these advantages.

1. You’re Celebrating a Milestone

You’ve recently hit an incredible weight loss goal, or you’ve celebrated a milestone birthday, or you’re getting married: whatever the milestone is in your life, you want to celebrate it and capture it. When you schedule a boudoir shoot, you’ll be able to capture yourself at your best. These are the pictures that you’ll love looking back on for a lifetime—and they’ll help you remember exactly how you felt when you met that milestone. Whether it’s capturing a special birthday or showing off the love in your eyes as you think of that special someone, you’ll love the memories you capture through your boudoir shoot.

Afraid that you don’t have any milestones to celebrate? There are plenty of incredible milestones that happen every day. Maybe it’s your first year single in a long time, or your first year moving to a new city. Maybe you’re celebrating a week without your favorite addiction. Maybe you’re just celebrating you—and for many women, that’s an incredible milestone indeed. Whether you’re celebrating something big or learning to prioritize you for the first time, a boudoir shoot is a great way to commemorate the occasion.

Woman leaning against a wall in lingerie in a boudoir shoot

2. You Need a Confidence Boost

Do you have a big meeting coming up at work? Are you angling for a promotion?

Conversely, do you find yourself hiding in the corner, reluctant to draw attention to yourself?

Whether you need a confidence boost for a specific reason or you’re just looking to increase your confidence in general, a boudoir shoot can help send your confidence soaring. Through your boudoir shoot, you’ll get to discover your body at its sexy best. The camera will focus on you—and you’ll quickly discover that it’s not your flaws that it’s focused on.

That confidence boost that comes along with your boudoir shoot will linger for days. Not only do you get to enjoy it when you do the shoot, you’ll be able to look back on those pictures any time you need a fresh boost, calling on that feeling and embracing it all over again.

3. You Want to Feel Sexier

There are times when a woman just wants to feel sexy, whether there’s someone special in your life or not. If you want to spice things up for your partner, a boudoir shoot is the perfect step in the right direction. On the other hand, if you’re single and just want to feel sexier than ever, a boudoir shoot can help you accomplish that, too!

During your boudoir shoot, you’ll set aside many of your inhibitions and learn how to view your body in a new way. You’ll get a look at positions you never imagined could be sexy, embrace the art of subtlety, and unleash your inner vixen. Looking at the pictures together is the perfect way to spice things up with your partner—and looking at them on your own will help you feel sexy no matter where you are.

4. You Want to Give an Amazing Gift

Is there someone special in your life? Many military spouses or women whose husbands travel on a regular basis find that offering them an album filled with boudoir photos is a great way to keep them close even when they have to be far away. It’s the perfect way to build fondness and keep your sex life at the forefront of his mind even when he’s far away. Even if your spouse or partner doesn’t travel, however, a boudoir shoot is an amazing gift that will be sure to put that special light in his eyes.

Even if there isn’t someone special in your life, a boudoir shoot still makes an amazing gift—to you! Your boudoir shoot is a perfect chance to focus on you for a little while—and you deserve it. You’ll carry the results of that gift with you long after your shoot is over.

5. You Need a Little Pampering

You’ve been struggling with high levels of stress in your life. You’ve been feeling down, struggling to get out of the dumps and feel better about yourself. When you just need a little pampering, there’s nothing better than a boudoir shoot to help you get there.

During your shoot, you’ll come in, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy a few light snacks. You’ll sit back, relax, and have your hair and makeup done for you. Then, you’ll spend an incredible session completely focused on you! It’s the perfect way to kick back and relax for a day, focusing on yourself instead of all of the items piling up on your To Do list—and you’ll leave feeling far more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin than you felt when you walked in.

6. You Need to See Yourself as Beautiful

Most women, when they’re asked to describe themselves, focus on the flaws. Maybe there’s a scar that you want to cover up, or you have a little jiggle somewhere that you’ve fought to get rid of, but can’t quite conceal.

Through the eye of the camera, during your boudoir session, you’ll discover just how beautiful you are—and that unlocks something powerful inside you. Suddenly, those scars, or stretch marks, or rolls transform into something sexy and gorgeous. You have your own unique beauty, unlike anyone else’s. Through your boudoir photo shoot, you’ll get a better look at exactly how beautiful you can be. Boudoir sessions are for every woman—and they’re well worth it. If you’ve been on the fence about scheduling your boudoir shoot, it’s time to let go of your fears. Contact me today to start the process of scheduling your shoot. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Ready to hear all the details?


Doing a boudoir session for yourself (and no one else).

Black and white of lady in white sheet boudoir session.

Did you realize that you should do a boudoir shoot for your self first? Even though the photos from a boudoir session can be an amazing and a very fun gift to give a loved one – doing a boudoir session will have a positive and lasting effect on your OWN self esteem. No one is needed to give this gift to. Do a boudoir session for you! You deserve this gift!

Have you had a hate-hate relationship with your own body? Have you gone from being over weight to under weight and then over weight again; and struggled with eating disorders and stretch marks and a list of body issues that make you constantly insecure? Is it time to look at your physical body in a new way and embrace the word sexy like you never have before? Taking ownership of your own body, and celebrating where you are in life right now is empowering. Seeing yourself through my lens on the day of a boudoir session will help you to change all of the negative self talk that you have carried with you for too many years. It may just be time to break up with self doubt and realize that you are beautiful and more than enough, just as you are.

A photography session at our studio is always a fun and easy experience. From the amazing makeup, to the skilled posing and expert editing – you are in good hands with our all female staff. And you are sure to walk away from the session itself with a new found pep in your step and a love for the skin your are in. The images will make you so happy that you actually found the courage to do the boudoir session in the first place. Isn’t it time to stop being at war with your own body and call a truce? Some self love is always needed, and a boudoir photo session is the best way to make that happen!

woman in lingerie standing on black wall in boudoir session
Woman lying on a bed in pink lingerie in a boudoir session
Smiling lady in sexy outfit wearing cowboy hat and cowboy boots in a boudoir session.
Gorgeous woman in black lingerie on a green chair in a boudoir session
Seductive pose in a boudoir session
Lady in black bra and panties on bed in boudoir studio
Beautiful redhead implied nude white sheets image from boudoir session
Lady laying nude on a bed in boudoir session, black and white boudoir photo

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Boudoir photos are perfect for wall art in your master bedroom!

Boudoir photo as wall art in master bedroomBoudoir photos as wall art? Heck, yes!!  So many gals are worried that someone might see their sexy images, so they fear putting them on display.  And that’s perfectly ok to keep them all in a lovely album which  is a bit more discreet. But before you decide that you would never put a stunning metal print of yourself on a wall above your dresser in your private chambers or in your master bathroom above your soaker tub, consider this:

    1. Your self confidence and celebration of your beauty is an awesome example to any little ones in your home. You don’t need to put up extremely seductive images. I always make sure to capture some images that are anonymous or silhouettes which lend themselves very well to your bedroom decor. It is easy to create a few romantic, tasteful boudoir images that will celebrate you without being trashy.
    2. The digital media of today is NOT the digital media of yesterday, and it won’t be the digital media of tomorrow. So there is no guarantee that your future computer will even be able to read the current format of any digital files that you purchase. This makes the importance of printing any images that you want to have 25 years from now more important..
    3. Seeing a high quality print of a boudoir image you made can be mesmerizing. There is just something about gazing upon a finished print on the wall that is infinitely more satisfying than seeing your photo on a screen — especially a pocket-sized one. It also serves as a tangible, permanent product of your work, a monument to the time and effort you put into creating it.
    4. Boudoir photos as wall art is a great way to be your own inspiration. Every day that you are in your bedroom,  you are reminded of what you are capable of being – and that you are beautiful and more than enough.


  1. When you use a few of your boudoir photos for wall art in your private spaces, you become the owner of one of a kind masterpieces that complement your personal space in a priceless way and truly unique way!Black and White Boudoir wall art in a bathroomBoudoir photo as wall art above a bedAre you thinking about booking your very own intimate boudoir experience so that you can have your own incredible boudoir wall art? Contact Us Here!

Valentine Boudoir Photo Shoot | Columbus Studio

Considering a Valentine boudoir photo shoot? We still have room for a few more sessions, so if you act fast you can still come in for this life changing experience. You only need a few outfits. You won’t be expected to know how to pose or even how to emote for the lens. That will all be coached. Only a few outfits are needed. Usually 3 or more outfits changes occur during a session and then we finish with the rolling in the sheets shots(which are ALWAYS gorgeous!). We keep freshly laundered white sheets on hand so you won’t need to bring those. And of course the session fee includes an amazing hair and makeup with one of our professional makeup artists. So you will leave the shoot on a high and looking like a goddess!

This particular client came in to do a session to celebrate all that she had done at the gym to prepare for competition, and to create a gift for her man. Her man always refers to her as sweet(and he’s hit the nail on the head with that – she’s such a darling). So she brought in a candy bikini set to pose in, as a way to make him laugh about all his “sweet” comments.  He loved it.

I feel so honored to get to meet each and every one of my amazing clients. It’s so fun to help them create something fun and special as a gift, whether it’s a Valentine boudoir photo shoot or a wedding gift or a father’s day or anniversary gift. I’m a HUGE proponent of ladies doing a boudoir photo session for THEMSELVES first. It’s a great gift to yourself, to have a day of pampering and to gain the self esteem boost that most gals get from going through the whole experience. It’s a great way to feel empowered as a woman, and to feel shamelessly feminine. But as cupid shows up on our radar next month, you may be wondering what on earth you can do to put a little wow factor in your lover’s gift this year. Perhaps a photography session is the BEST gift ever! Do a Valentine boudoir photo shoot with us – you won’t regret it when you see the incredible art that we will create with you!

Valentine boudoir photoshoot, woman in red underwearValentine boudoir photo shoot, booty shot Valentine boudoir photo shoot, lady in front of mirror Valentine boudoir photo shoot, booty shotFlirty lady on bed, Valentine boudoir photo shoot Sensual boudoir photoPretty boudoir photography Sexy boudoir photos Sexy booty photo, Columbus boudoir photography Bold Valentine boudoir photo shoot Sensual boudoir photo shoot Dangerous woman, Columbus boudoir photo studio Sexy booty photo, boudoir photography pretty woman stading in lingerie, Columbus boudoir photo studio Red lips and fingernails, Valentine boudoir photoshootSexy lingerie photo Sexy lingerie photo Sensual woman on bed, Columbus boudoir photo studio Sultry woman on bed, Valentine boudoir photo shoot Beautiful boudoir photo Sensual boudoir photo Fitness boudoir photo Fitness boudoir photo in Columbus boudoir studio Sexy boudoir photo in Columbus boudoir photo studio Sexy booty image Woman relaxing in front of window in Columbus boudoir studio Sexy boudoir photo in Columbus Ohio Gorgeous Valentine boudoir photo shoot Gorgeous Valentine boudoir photo shoot Sensual boudoir photo in Columbus Ohio Lady in candy bikini in Columbus boudoir photo studio Sexy Valentine boudoir photo shoot in Columbus boudoir studio Woman in candy underwear in Valentine boudoir photo shoot pretty woman in sheets in Valentine boudoir photo shoot White sheet boudoir in Columbus Ohio Woman in sheet in Columbus boudoir studio

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Columbus boudoir studio | Angela Woolridge Portrait

My Columbus boudoir studio is waiting for you to come in for a session with us! Let me just say that I love what I do. Not because I get to make pretty images, although that’s cool too!  I love doing this because of what my clients get out of a session. I love their reaction when the makeup artist shows them the mirror and they get to see a professional makeup on themselves(some for the very first time).  I love seeing them light up when they see the back of my camera(except when they start to cry happy tears and threaten that lovely makeup job).  I love watching their self esteem increase right in front of my eyes. I love seeing the high they are on when they leave my studio; knowing that they are heading out on a date or a girl’s night out with this glammed up look and a giant confidence boost. I love when they come back in for the reveal appointment to see their images, and they are thrilled with how they look and they exude such elation and excitement.  All of these things truly brings me sooo much joy.  These things drive me to continue to do all the other things that running a business includes.  My clients are so worth everything I do on a daily basis.

And this is what I love about YOU. Yes, I know we are only meeting now on the interwebs – but there are a few things that I already know about you:

  • You are unique, and your beauty is like NO OTHER.
  • You are enough, just as you are TODAY before any weight loss or fitness regime that you have been meaning to attempt.
  • You are desirable.
  • You are valuable.
  • You are worthy.
  • You are not a mistake.
  • You are stronger than you think.
  • You are important.
  • You are talented, even if you don’t realize it right now.
  • You are a goddess.
  • You are incredible.
  • You are beautiful.
  • You have what it takes to do what you are dreaming of doing.
  • You are good.

You are stunning. I know this about you already. I have been a Columbus boudoir photography studio for over 5 years and photographed so many women; and they are all creatures of great beauty. So I sincerely know that these things are all true of you as well.

A huge shout out to Mrs L for giving me permission to share some of the anonymous images from her session. She is radiant, and it was an honor to capture this time in her life for her!Columbus boudoir photographer, sensual photo of woman's lips Columbus boudoir photos, lady in corset Columbus boudoir photography, woman in corset in front of mirror Columbus boudoir photography, woman in corset in front of mirrorColumbus boudoir photography, sexy booty photoBoudoir photograper Columbus OH, booty photo Columbus boudoir photography, woman's booty in red pantiesBraless photo of woman at Columbus boudoir photographer Sexy boudoir photo of woman relaxing on bed Sexy picture at Columbus boudoir photographer Boudoir booty photo of woman laying on bed in Columbus boudoir studioTeasing sexy lady, boudoir photos Sexy photos with a guitar, boudoir photographySexy woman white sheets in Columbus boudoir photography studio Sexy woman white sheets in Columbus boudoir photography studio

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A boudoir photography session – how it works.

A boudoir photography session is something that every woman should experience at least once! You do not need a huge excuse like an upcoming wedding or milestone anniversary to give yourself permission to come in for a day of pampering and enjoying being a supermodel for the day. All that you need is a few outfits that fit you, and some trust that we will take care of everything for you!

When clients arrive for their scheduled boudoir photography session, we begin by going over photos on their own phone of makeup and hairstyles that they are drawn to. We want to give you the look that YOU want because your session is all about YOU. After collaborating, the professional makeup artist gets to work giving the client an amazing hair and makeup. After going through the 3-4 outfits that the client has brought in, a plan is made for the order that they will be photographed.  Once the artist is done with the client’s makeover; I sit down with each gal and spend some time going over many different posing things that I will ask for during the session as well as teaching them the different facial expressions for various emotions like seduction, coy flirtation, and pleasure. The actual photography session begins after that, and will generally last from 1.5 to 2 hours. The session is one hundred percent coached and posed by me, so the client does not need to know what to do or how to look at the camera. And I pose each woman to complement her specific body type, so that everyone looks amazing regardless of shape or weight.

At the end of the boudoir session, my beautiful client leaves the studio looking and feeling like a goddess. She may have arrived feeling a little nervous; but she always leaves with a beaming smile and increased confidence. I am left with 300 to 500 images on a memory card. I go through all of the gorgeous images to choose the cream of the crop -the best 50-70 images. I give the top 50-70 images a magazine style edit, which includes cellulite and stretch mark removal for a polished but natural look. Then the client comes back into the studio approximately 2 weeks after the boudoir photography session for a viewing appointment at the studio. Images are purchased separately and bundled collections are available. boudoir photography session, black and white woman in lace lingerie boudoir photography session, black and white woman in lace lingerie woman in mirror at boudoir photography session woman in mirror at boudoir photography session woman on bed in boudoir photography session woman on bed in boudoir photography session moody black and white of woman in boudoir photography session beautiful boudoir photo Seductive boudoir photo Alluring boudoir photo woman in boudoir photography session woman in boudoir photography session Implied nude in boudoir photography session Sensual boudoir photography session boudoir photography session Pretty boudoir photography session boudoir photography session boudoir photography session Alluring boudoir photography session Romantic boudoir photography session Sensual boudoir photography session Lady on bed in boudoir photography session black and white boudoir photography session boudoir photography session Woman on bed in boudoir photography session Woman in her husband's shirt in boudoir photography session Flirty woman White sheet boudoir photography session implied nude boudoir photography session white sheet boudoir session white sheet boudoir sessionA boudoir photography session is $295. To book your very own supermodel experience, Contact Us Here!

Romantic and sensual images all in one session at this Columbus area boudoir photography studio!

If you are looking for diversity in your images from a boudoir session in a Columbus boudoir photography studio, then Angela Woolridge Portrait is the place for you! Although we specialize in boudoir photography sessions; we also take great pleasure in capturing exquisite beauty head shots and we relish in recording amazing maternity photos too!

When clients call in to get more information, I try to find out what that each person is hoping to create and what her vision for her private session is like. Very often, ladies want images that are soft and pretty and show their innocent or playful side. But then they also want images that show off their bolder, sexier inner goddess as well. And many want to have some images that would work well as black and white wall art.

Whether you are looking to have pretty bridal boudoir photos to use as a wedding gift; or if you are wanting implied nudes to celebrate a milestone in physical training; or if you need some edgy images in sexy lingerie to help you find your mojo again…all of that and more can be created for you at our lovely boudoir photography studio.

A giant shout out to Mrs. J for graciously allowing me to share these amazing shots of her. We started out doing a few beauty head shots in a simple black dress of hers, and then we did some sweet images, and then we progressed the shoot to moody and more sensual shots. We completed her session doing white sheet shots which are well loved by all of our clients. As usual, the entire session was 100% coached for posing and emotion; and she totally rocked her session like a supermodel. At home Mrs. J is a mom and holds down a full time job that has nothing to do with modelling. Columbus boudoir photography studio, portrait photo of a woman Columbus portrait photo, Columbus boudoir photography studio Columbus boudoir photography studio, portrait photo beauty head shot of a woman Columbus boudoir photography, woman in a sweater and lingerie Columbus boudoir photography, woman in a lingerie Columbus boudoir photography, woman in a lingerie Booty boudoir photography Pretty boudoir photography, woman smiling Pretty boudoir photography, woman smiling Sexy boudoir photography, Columbus boudoir photography studio Sexy black and white boudoir photo of woman's backside Gorgeous boudoir portrait of a woman Sexy sweater, Columbus boudoir photography studio Bold boudoir photos, Columbus boudoir photography studio Sensual boudoir photo, moody boudoir photography Strong and confident photo of a woman in her lingerie Pretty woman reclining in lingerie Pretty woman sitting in lingerie Booty boudoir photo in black and white Booty boudoir photo in black and white Pretty woman at Columbus boudoir photography studio Woman lying on bed at Columbus boudoir photography studio Sexy woman at Columbus boudoir photography studio Beautiful blonde woman on bed at Columbus boudoir photography studio boudoir booty photo Sexy boudoir photography Sexy boudoir photography Sexy boudoir photography Sexy boudoir photography Booty boudoir photography Moody boudoir photography in Columbus boudoir photography studio Sexy lady with husband's shirt on in Columbus boudoir photography studio Sexy lady with husband's shirt on in Columbus boudoir photography studio Alluring boudoir photography Sexy boudoir pose in Columbus boudoir photography studio Sexy boudoir pose in Columbus boudoir photography studio Romantic boudoir photo at Columbus boudoir photography studio White sheets photo at a Columbus boudoir photography studio White sheets photo at a Columbus boudoir photography studio White sheets photo at a Columbus boudoir photography studio White sheets photo at a Columbus boudoir photography studio Implied nude boudoir photo at a Columbus boudoir photography studio

If you are looking for your very own Columbus boudoir photography experience, Angela Woolridge Portrait is ready to help that become a reality!  Contact Us Here!


Gorgeous boudoir photos in Columbus Ohio

Boudoir photos would make a nice gift, she thought. So she did a google search and found us. She came into the studio a bit nervous, and she worried about how the images would look. After all, she wasn’t 20 years old anymore she told herself.  And being a mom and working full time had not left her with a ton of time to indulge in self care. But somehow she knew that this could be good for her, and it would certainly make her hubby happy to have gorgeous boudoir photos of her on his phone for him to enjoy wherever he was.

Of course her session was fun and easy, and she quickly settled into the fabulous pampering makeup that my artist did for her. Then the entire photography session was coached and all the posing was done for her by me. She left with a big smile on her face that reflected her bolstered self esteem. And then she came back a few weeks later to see her boudoir photos. She was not sure what to expect.  Self doubt was at it again, telling her she probably would not like her images. She was overwhelmed at how much that she actually loved her boudoir photos, and the look on her face was pure radiance. She realized that although these sexy pictures were going to make an awesome present for her man, the real gift was the investment that she had just made in her own self confidence and self esteem. She left her viewing appointment on a high.

You see, boudoir photos are not about seducing men – they are about embracing womanhood. They are all about accepting yourself, and loving yourself. They are about shutting down the self hate in your head, so that you can see the beauty that those around you already know is there.

Thanks to Mrs. D for kindly allowing me to share her beautiful boudoir photos here!  You rocked it babe!! I was so honored to have you in my studio!!

boudoir photo, woman smilingboudoir photos, sexy lady on a bed, sexy photoboudoir photos, sexy booty photo of a black womanboudoir photos of gorgeous black ladysexy back and booty boudoir photos sexy boudoir photos in Columbus Ohio studio enticing boudoir photo, implied nude booty boudoir photo military theme boudoir photo America proud boudoir photo with flag scarf boudoir photo of black woman lying on bedHappy woman in white sheets, boudoir photosTo book your very own boudoir photo session, CONTACT US HERE!  Booking NOW for fall session with a Christmas gift in mind!


Columbus boudoir photographer travels outside of the studio.

I spend most of my time here in Ohio, as a Columbus boudoir photographer doing sexy shoots, beautiful maternity sessions, and fabulous beauty head shots; but every year I invest in solid education by attending courses in my field of expertise around the country. Getting to learn from the top leaders in this industry keeps me evolving and growing. Although I have 10 years experience as a photographer and have been doing Columbus boudoir photography sessions for the past 5 years; it’s still very important to me to continually push my skill level and increase what I offer to my amazing clients.

Recently, I flew into Chicago for some continuing education in boudoir photography and while I was there I had the opportunity to join my dear friend at her fabulous studio Demi Girl Boudoir Photography. Her gorgeous makeup artist Jessica agreed to push past her nervousness, and get in front of the lens for us. I was able to explore a new environment and utilize my posing skills in a new space – and I found myself yearning to shoot in a new space all the time! It was fun to get my creative juices flowing. While I admit that it is very nice to have the consistency of a full time Columbus boudoir studio; I do tend to suffer from a small case of boredom since I am there all the time. I love shooting in beautiful, new places and this continuing education trip gave me the chance to get outside of my regular grind. It reminded me that I am an expert in posing, and that I can create gorgeous images in any setting whether that’s my own studio or a client’s gorgeous home.

Here are some of the gorgeous images that we created for Jessica. She is just like every other beautiful female that I have ever had the honor of photographing. She was terrified to get in front of the lens and doubted herself. She was nervous and shy. But she trusted us, and the results were fantastic. She is a goddess! Thank you Jessica for trusting us to document your stunning beauty!

Columbus boudoir shooting in ChicagoWoman in lingerie, photographed by Columbus boudoir photographer Sexy boudoir picture, done by Columbus boudoir photographer Sexy lingerie photos, Columbus boudoir studio Columbus boudoir photographer travels for con-ed, sexy female photography Sexy white sheet photo, Columbus boudoir photographerClassy Columbus boudoir photographyWhite sheet photo, sexy boudoir photo

Ready to create timeless images that will boost your confidence and self esteem? Seeking a reputable Columbus boudoir photographer with years of experience and countless hours of training? We know you are beautiful and we are ready to help you see that fact for yourself! To book your very own private boudoir photography experience, Contact Us Here!


A boudoir photo shoot is the perfect gift for Mother’s day!

Do a boudoir photo shoot for yourself! I am constantly telling women that it is best to do a boudoir photo shoot for themselves. While the amazing, sexy photos are a fabulous gift for a significant other; the one who benefits the most from a boudoir session with us is the client herself. She is the one who will see herself differently and obtain a tangible boost in self esteem after having the full experience. She is the one who is constantly battling the dragons in her mind that tell her she is not attractive enough, and that her body has all kinds of flaws. She is the one who is always doing everything for everyone else, and struggles to justify doing something that is just for her. She has sometimes lost touch with her own sense of sensuality or sexiness. With this in mind, buying a boudoir photo shoot for your wife or significant other for a Mother’s day gift is the perfect way to tell her that you see her beauty and you celebrate her body just the way she is – and you want her to love and accept herself too!Boudoir photo shoot in Columbus Ohio, Pickerington Boudoir Photography studio, sexy photo of a woman


Here is what Mrs J had to say about her session with us:

I showed up at Angela’s studio scared to death! How in the world was I going to look sexy or beautiful! When I see other women, I am constantly comparing myself to them and coming up as less than them in my mind. I’m not that pretty. I’m not that attractive. Even though my spouse says all the time that I am beautiful; somehow I struggle to turn off the negative self talk. The lovely makeup artist Yodit calmed my fears, and wow did she ever give me an incredible makeover!!

The shoot itself was way easier than I anticipated. Angela showed me how to pose for every shot, and was great at guiding me through the entire thing. I got comfortable with her quickly. Every time she showed me the back of the camera and reminded me that her camera didn’t have photo shop skills, I felt more and more confident because the photos looked awesome! I left the studio that day on a high, feeling like I was a model and feeling so good about myself. That alone was priceless.

Then the viewing day rolled around, and I was astonished that I looked this fabulous! Seriously, astonished. There I was on her sofa staring up at this strong, confident, sexy woman on her TV screen. How in the world did I let all those negative things in my head convince me otherwise!? I am beautiful. I am sexy. I see myself differently now. The boudoir photos are so good, and my husband is going to love them – but they really are the cherry on top because I got so much more out of this than just sexy pictures. I got my confidence back. Accepting and loving myself has been the best thing that I have done for myself in years. Thank you Angela for this amazing experience!

To book your very own confidence boosting boudoir photography session, or buy a session for a very deserving mother, Contact us Here!