A boudoir photo shoot is the perfect gift for Mother’s day!

Do a boudoir photo shoot for yourself! I am constantly telling women that it is best to do a boudoir photo shoot for themselves. While the amazing, sexy photos are a fabulous gift for a significant other; the one who benefits the most from a boudoir session with us is the client herself. She is the one who will see herself differently and obtain a tangible boost in self esteem after having the full experience. She is the one who is constantly battling the dragons in her mind that tell her she is not attractive enough, and that her body has all kinds of flaws. She is the one who is always doing everything for everyone else, and struggles to justify doing something that is just for her. She has sometimes lost touch with her own sense of sensuality or sexiness. With this in mind, buying a boudoir photo shoot for your wife or significant other for a Mother’s day gift is the perfect way to tell her that you see her beauty and you celebrate her body just the way she is – and you want her to love and accept herself too!Boudoir photo shoot in Columbus Ohio, Pickerington Boudoir Photography studio, sexy photo of a woman


Here is what Mrs J had to say about her session with us:

I showed up at Angela’s studio scared to death! How in the world was I going to look sexy or beautiful! When I see other women, I am constantly comparing myself to them and coming up as less than them in my mind. I’m not that pretty. I’m not that attractive. Even though my spouse says all the time that I am beautiful; somehow I struggle to turn off the negative self talk. The lovely makeup artist Yodit calmed my fears, and wow did she ever give me an incredible makeover!!

The shoot itself was way easier than I anticipated. Angela showed me how to pose for every shot, and was great at guiding me through the entire thing. I got comfortable with her quickly. Every time she showed me the back of the camera and reminded me that her camera didn’t have photo shop skills, I felt more and more confident because the photos looked awesome! I left the studio that day on a high, feeling like I was a model and feeling so good about myself. That alone was priceless.

Then the viewing day rolled around, and I was astonished that I looked this fabulous! Seriously, astonished. There I was on her sofa staring up at this strong, confident, sexy woman on her TV screen. How in the world did I let all those negative things in my head convince me otherwise!? I am beautiful. I am sexy. I see myself differently now. The boudoir photos are so good, and my husband is going to love them – but they really are the cherry on top because I got so much more out of this than just sexy pictures. I got my confidence back. Accepting and loving myself has been the best thing that I have done for myself in years. Thank you Angela for this amazing experience!

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