Got questions?


Will my photos be on the internet?

Only if you say it’s ok! Every client that I feature on my blog has given me written permission to post her images. If you are uncomfortable with images of you being shared, that is completely fine! A model release form is presented at the end of each image premier/order appointment; and I only share images if the client would like me to do so. There is NEVER any pressure to sign a model release, and I will NEVER share your images without your written consent

I'm very shy and worried about my body shape and that I won't look good in the photos!

People come in all different shapes and sizes, tall, short, large and small. There is nothing anywhere to say that one is better than the other. Having confidence and believing in yourself is what makes fantastic pictures. The glamour & boudoir sessions are all about having fun, getting glammed up, dressed up and letting your hair down and forgetting about little insecurities. Treating yourself to new lingerie and beauty treatments before the session is a definite excitement and confidence builder!


I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you get rid of that?

For most situations, yes. The retouching process includes removal of unwanted scars, bruises, cellulite and stretch marks. However, I will not take your face and put it on another woman’s body or reduce your body size from a 16 to a 4. If there is something you feel self-conscious about, I can use lighting and posing to show off your best features instead.

Can I bring my own music?

Feel free to bring your own music, just try to tilt your playlist toward slow, seductive and romantic tunes. Unlike a high energy fashion shoot where models dance around to fast tempo techno, glamour and boudoir is about slowing down, feeling sexy and projecting that vibe for the camera. The right music, both yours and ours, will help get you in the mood for great photos.


How do I prepare for the session?

  • Start pampering yourself by getting a manicure and pedicure. That polished look will enhance your final images.
  • If you normally wax, I recommend doing so the day before to avoid any irritation marks for your shoot. This also applies to any facial treatments.
  • It is always best to moisturize your skin before your shoot. Use your everyday lotion to avoid a skin reaction that would show up in your photos.
  • Wear non-restrictive clothing for a few hours before your shoot. Undergarments or tight clothing (even socks and sunglasses) tend to leave marks on the skin.

Boudoir and glamour sessions are all about letting your inner and outer goddess shine through. Do not go on a crazy diet, spray yourself orange with fake tanner or get a crazy new hair color. It’s my job to know the female body and to find the most accentuating poses for your body type and personality; so you can relax, enjoy and feel sexy in your own skin. It’s helpful for some women to bring photos of poses on a Pinterest board that they would like to try. I encourage you to think about how you want to look and help me understand how you want your images to turn out (fierce? feminine? playful? smoldering?). My glamour and boudoir sessions are always fun, classy and glamorous. Your session will allow you to reveal the sensual inner you – and will not change your outer beauty but enhance it. So come just as you are and get ready to have fun flaunting your stuff!

Can I do my own hair and make-up? And if yes is there a discount on my package?

I strongly recommend that you do not do your own make-up. I understand that some people are very picky about their make-up but our make-up artists are very professional and know how to bring out your best features. There is no discount on our boudoir packages if you decide to do your own make-up.

Do I bring my own lingerie and dresses, or do you provide the outfits?

You must bring your own lingerie and clothing to your photography session. Bring what you feel most comfortable and beautiful in. When you model items that you feel great in, you’re more likely to look and feel good about yourself. I recommend that you bring more than you think you will need just in case you decide to change outfits at the last minute. If you’re looking for lingerie ideas, be sure to download my Dream Shoot Planner where you will find my long list of my favorite stores with awesome lingerie choices. When it comes to lingerie; you can buy a lot, wear a few pieces for your shoot and return the rest. Also, don’t feel limited to only wearing lingerie. Your man’s dress shirt, a sexy black dress, camisoles, sports jerseys and fitted tee’s are more modest and still sexy. Please bring at least one good, supportive, push-up bra, lace undies, and a great pair of pumps! Hosiery, garter belts and big jewelry also add an extra hint of allure. Also, if you are giving your images as a gift you can bring along items that have sentimental value or special meaning to incorporate into your shoot session.

Who will be in the studio when I am having my shoot? Can I bring a friend?

There will only ever be Angela and a professional make up artist in the private studio while you have your session.

We encourage you to share this pamper session and photo shoot with a Sister, Daughter, Mom, or Best friend, but if you are not and would prefer a friend or family member to be present while you are being photographed, please bring a female chaperone as we operate a “female only” studio. However, results are far better when the client is on their own, relaxed and giving their full concentration to the posing and situation, and not distracted by wanting to make sure that their chaperone is not bored. If the person you come with is also getting a hair and make up and photo shoot, they will not be a distraction to you.

Do you do nude photos?

The female form is beautiful, and I am happy to photograph it in a tasteful and classy way. Most clients chose to do the “illusion of nudity” where they have nothing on but their private bits or are strategically covered during their white sheet set. Fine art nudes including bare breasts are part of what I offer, but I do not shoot porn and will not photograph images including the other private bits of a woman’s body.


Do you do "Couples Boudoir" sessions?

Sorry, I don’t. I operate an all women studio specializing in photographing women, and do not offer couples sessions at this time.


When and how will I see the images?

Please allow up to 14 working days for your images to be ready for your private in studio viewing appointment, as the retouching is a lengthy process and the photography is only 10% of the job. I always aim to get images to clients ASAP but this can be up to 14 working days in very busy periods.


I'm ready to go ahead with booking my photography session. What do I do next?

Sessions are booked over the phone. Once you let me know the date you’d like to shoot and I confirm that it is available, I will take your payment for your session fee via credit card over the phone. At that time, we will have a phone consultation to go over the details about your session, and we’ll discuss the best wardrobe choices for you. Then you are sent an information email to help you prepare for your dream shoot!

You can reach Angela Woolridge Portrait at

(614) 745-4710

Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm

I'm not sure what I want to order yet, can I decide when I see my photos?

Certainly. After your photography session, I welcome you back to the studio 2-3 weeks later to view your images and discuss product options(books, albums, prints, folio boxes). Your order will be chosen and paid for in full on the day of your viewing appointment. I do not release product orders without full payment.

Can I reschedule if I cannot make my shoot session date?

Absolutely. Once in a while clients have to change their booking because something has come up, and I’m happy to make the changes for you. However, if you contact me to reschedule within 48 hours of your shoot (or you forget to show up) your retainer is not transferable. When you book with me, I schedule the stylist to be there to prep you at a certain time, and I block off those hours to shoot with you.


Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the custom nature of photography, your session fee and any products ordered are non-refundable. Nothing goes to print without your approval and you have the final say on retouching and album layout/design.


Where are you located?

647 Hill Road

Pickerington, OH 43147

Our studio is at 647 Hill Road, in Pickerington, Ohio. It is set back a bit from the main road, and sits directly behind Mount Carmel Pickerington Medical Complex. To reach it, turn at the intersection of Hill Road and Commerce Drive. Once you have turned onto Commerce Drive, you will see our two story brick building in the large open field on your immediate left.

Alternatively, you can turn into the Medical Complex parking lot and head towards the very back of the complex, as our parking lot is attached to their parking lot.

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