Doing a boudoir session for yourself (and no one else).

Black and white of lady in white sheet boudoir session.

Did you realize that you should do a boudoir shoot for your self first? Even though the photos from a boudoir session can be an amazing and a very fun gift to give a loved one – doing a boudoir session will have a positive and lasting effect on your OWN self esteem. No one is needed to give this gift to. Do a boudoir session for you! You deserve this gift!

Have you had a hate-hate relationship with your own body? Have you gone from being over weight to under weight and then over weight again; and struggled with eating disorders and stretch marks and a list of body issues that make you constantly insecure? Is it time to look at your physical body in a new way and embrace the word sexy like you never have before? Taking ownership of your own body, and celebrating where you are in life right now is empowering. Seeing yourself through my lens on the day of a boudoir session will help you to change all of the negative self talk that you have carried with you for too many years. It may just be time to break up with self doubt and realize that you are beautiful and more than enough, just as you are.

A photography session at our studio is always a fun and easy experience. From the amazing makeup, to the skilled posing and expert editing – you are in good hands with our all female staff. And you are sure to walk away from the session itself with a new found pep in your step and a love for the skin your are in. The images will make you so happy that you actually found the courage to do the boudoir session in the first place. Isn’t it time to stop being at war with your own body and call a truce? Some self love is always needed, and a boudoir photo session is the best way to make that happen!

woman in lingerie standing on black wall in boudoir session
Woman lying on a bed in pink lingerie in a boudoir session
Smiling lady in sexy outfit wearing cowboy hat and cowboy boots in a boudoir session.
Gorgeous woman in black lingerie on a green chair in a boudoir session
Seductive pose in a boudoir session
Lady in black bra and panties on bed in boudoir studio
Beautiful redhead implied nude white sheets image from boudoir session
Lady laying nude on a bed in boudoir session, black and white boudoir photo

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