Boudoir photos are perfect for wall art in your master bedroom!

Boudoir photo as wall art in master bedroomBoudoir photos as wall art? Heck, yes!!  So many gals are worried that someone might see their sexy images, so they fear putting them on display.  And that’s perfectly ok to keep them all in a lovely album which  is a bit more discreet. But before you decide that you would never put a stunning metal print of yourself on a wall above your dresser in your private chambers or in your master bathroom above your soaker tub, consider this:

    1. Your self confidence and celebration of your beauty is an awesome example to any little ones in your home. You don’t need to put up extremely seductive images. I always make sure to capture some images that are anonymous or silhouettes which lend themselves very well to your bedroom decor. It is easy to create a few romantic, tasteful boudoir images that will celebrate you without being trashy.
    2. The digital media of today is NOT the digital media of yesterday, and it won’t be the digital media of tomorrow. So there is no guarantee that your future computer will even be able to read the current format of any digital files that you purchase. This makes the importance of printing any images that you want to have 25 years from now more important..
    3. Seeing a high quality print of a boudoir image you made can be mesmerizing. There is just something about gazing upon a finished print on the wall that is infinitely more satisfying than seeing your photo on a screen — especially a pocket-sized one. It also serves as a tangible, permanent product of your work, a monument to the time and effort you put into creating it.
    4. Boudoir photos as wall art is a great way to be your own inspiration. Every day that you are in your bedroom,  you are reminded of what you are capable of being – and that you are beautiful and more than enough.


  1. When you use a few of your boudoir photos for wall art in your private spaces, you become the owner of one of a kind masterpieces that complement your personal space in a priceless way and truly unique way!Black and White Boudoir wall art in a bathroomBoudoir photo as wall art above a bedAre you thinking about booking your very own intimate boudoir experience so that you can have your own incredible boudoir wall art? Contact Us Here!

Valentine Boudoir Photo Shoot | Columbus Studio

Considering a Valentine boudoir photo shoot? We still have room for a few more sessions, so if you act fast you can still come in for this life changing experience. You only need a few outfits. You won’t be expected to know how to pose or even how to emote for the lens. That will all be coached. Only a few outfits are needed. Usually 3 or more outfits changes occur during a session and then we finish with the rolling in the sheets shots(which are ALWAYS gorgeous!). We keep freshly laundered white sheets on hand so you won’t need to bring those. And of course the session fee includes an amazing hair and makeup with one of our professional makeup artists. So you will leave the shoot on a high and looking like a goddess!

This particular client came in to do a session to celebrate all that she had done at the gym to prepare for competition, and to create a gift for her man. Her man always refers to her as sweet(and he’s hit the nail on the head with that – she’s such a darling). So she brought in a candy bikini set to pose in, as a way to make him laugh about all his “sweet” comments.  He loved it.

I feel so honored to get to meet each and every one of my amazing clients. It’s so fun to help them create something fun and special as a gift, whether it’s a Valentine boudoir photo shoot or a wedding gift or a father’s day or anniversary gift. I’m a HUGE proponent of ladies doing a boudoir photo session for THEMSELVES first. It’s a great gift to yourself, to have a day of pampering and to gain the self esteem boost that most gals get from going through the whole experience. It’s a great way to feel empowered as a woman, and to feel shamelessly feminine. But as cupid shows up on our radar next month, you may be wondering what on earth you can do to put a little wow factor in your lover’s gift this year. Perhaps a photography session is the BEST gift ever! Do a Valentine boudoir photo shoot with us – you won’t regret it when you see the incredible art that we will create with you!

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