Boudoir Photographer Columbus Ohio | Sexy Pics to Celebrate You!

Ladies work so hard to prepare for a wedding day. Wanting to fit into that fabulous wedding dress, and preparing to be in front of a professional wedding photographer for a full day makes most women work extra hard on their physique. Skipping those treats in the office staff room, hitting the gym no matter how wiped out, and working on that perfect tan are usually on the list of wedding prep.  And of course all of these can help a gal to be her most confident self for a boudoir photography session.   But I want women everywhere to know that your confidence shouldn’t fly away if you are no longer at your pre wedding day size and weight.  Confidence is something that actually comes from inside, and it involves an acceptance in where you are each day – IN THAT DAY.  And everyone knows the truth that confidence is the sexiest thing that a woman can wear. No matter what her size or shape is; if she enters the room with a loving smile, and positive attitude, a joyful spirit and a grateful heart that encourages others and spreads happiness – she will be attractive to those around her. And most importantly, if she is proud of who she is and exudes that – her inner Goddess will shine out.  Let me show you. Your beauty should be captured, and I would love to show you how gorgeous that you really are.

A huge shout out to Mrs. C for allowing me to share the photos that we created during her boudoir photography session, and she used her sexy photos as a gift for her groom on her wedding day.

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